Dear Rebecca
I’d like to reiterate that in glowing terms. Your team led by the massively capable Donna were faultless. I don’t think I even for 3 seconds had to think about ANYTHING. Even she thought of having a glass of champagne to be brought to me when I had to go upstairs to send a work email for 10 mins. A special thank you to Donna for everything she did and for always looking calm and happy at every moment.
I can’t remember if I said but I used to work on a catering team when i was young so I know how much hard work it is, how the unexpected regularly throws itself at you and how difficult customers can be (I hope we were not!). So I REALLY appreciate the total unflappable attitude of the whole team and the lovely experience we had. The youngsters were all very charming. I can remember some but not all their names but what a very lovely lot. A credit to you and their mothers! Very impressive. Well chosen.
Mike was GREAT and did a fab BBQ - I hope he enjoyed it too. The burgers were astonishingly delicious and if you are allowed to pass on the name of the supplier I’d be delighted as I’ve love to buy some as and when.
Being looked after for breakfast was ACE - that team was utterly FAB as well.
VERY happy customers as I hope you have gathered! 🙂
Best wishes

Susannah, 16th July 2017,