Rebecca .....

Heads nearly above the water and the house emptying gradually.! Thank you thank you so much - Fantastic FOOD ... Brilliant charming and SUCH helpful staff .. Emma and Lou were WONDERFUL, calm and cheery and Shenna was totally FABULOUS, unflappable, so so so attentive on the case and entire control over everything that was happening.

Really it sure wasn’t an easy one ... made even less easy with the Roaring gales, mud, wet and chill!!! But what a party it was .. and it worked JUST so brilliantly.

I cannot thank you enough it was a totally memorable evening . Your advice and support was brilliant.

Rebecca this is written in haste but I just wanted to get to you very quickly to say THANK you! Your reputation came before you and will certainly carry on from us!

Hope all is well and your evening was as good as ours!

F and M

15th June 2024

F. & M.,