Dear Rebecca,


Massive thanks for a really wonderful lunch on Wednesday.  It was really superb and hugely and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The main, with all its accompanying dishes, was exactly how I wished it to be and more, it looked wonderful and tasted extremely delicious - totally divine.  Everyone really eulogised over it.


Thank you so much for the extra effort with the presentation - all the edible flowers, roses, beautiful serving dishes, preserved lemons, nuts, raspberries, herbs - your extra touches brought real beauty to our feast, it was all very much appreciated and enjoyed.


Delicious array of desserts - your advice was spot on with the combination, and on our starter too - wow that pickled shallot was something special in the gorgeous creamy sweetcorn and crab soup.  And the kids gobbled it up at great speed much to our combined shock!!  You also got the quantities of each course just right too, I don't know how you did it??


Emma was superb so please thank her profusely for us.  It was moderate chaos when she arrived, and I had forgotten to light the log oven early enough and she was an embodiment of calm!  She created a beautiful feast for us.


It was a wonderful day, a fitting celebration of our parents 50 years together, and we could not have been more delighted by our choice of caterers.


Thank you so much.


With best wishes


Julia Eggerdon

Feb 2019,