Rebecca .....

Heads nearly above the water and the house emptying gradually.! Thank you thank you so much - Fantastic FOOD ... Brilliant charming and SUCH helpful staff .. Emma and Lou were WONDERFUL, calm and cheery and Shenna was totally FABULOUS, unflappable, so so so attentive on the case and entire control over everything that was happening.

Really it sure wasn’t an easy one ... made even less easy with the Roaring gales, mud, wet and chill!!! But what a party it was .. and it worked JUST so brilliantly.

I cannot thank you enough it was a totally memorable evening . Your advice and support was brilliant.

Rebecca this is written in haste but I just wanted to get to you very quickly to say THANK you! Your reputation came before you and will certainly carry on from us!

Hope all is well and your evening was as good as ours!

F and M

15th June 2024

F. & M.,

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for the awesome food, the team and generally really making the whole thing a total hit! The compliments on the food were massive and your team were just wonderful.

Really helped make the weekend a total success.

Thanks again,


Becky Evans,

Dear Rebecca


Firstly, we want to apologise for not getting in touch sooner. We had the most amazing wedding and lovely few days away for honeymoon, but then unfortunately my mum became very unwell and has been in hospital the last few weeks. ( hence our delay in messaging you.)


We just wanted to say the catering at our wedding at Lorton House on the 6th of April was absolutely amazing. All of the food was such a high standard, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. We could not have asked for more. All of our guests commented on how fantastic the food was from the breakfast on the Saturday morning to the wedding breakfast and the amazing roast dinner. The charcuterie board was really lovely too.


The canapés were superb – and just to make you laugh , our 10-year-old niece called them ‘ samples’ !!


Our photographers who do lots of weddings, caught sight of the food/canapes and were very impressed.


The chef was unflappable and amazing how he could cook such wonderful food in an unfamiliar setting. The waiting staff also really lovely and did a wonderful job.


Our guests still talk about how amazing the food was.


Thank you so very much. We would absolutely recommend your company.


We have a few pics with caterers in we could maybe send at some point.


Warm regards


Louise and John

Hello and thank you Rebecca for sending us such a cheerful and capable team who produced and delivered tray load after plateful of the most delicious canapes and kept the wine flowing. Our guests were so appreciative of their efforts whilst I was astounded to find my kitchen deserted and sparkling clean when I went check on proceedings at the end of the party, except for Clem who had stayed behind to explain what had been left for us. The excellent lasagne and trims were most welcome after a long day. Please could you thank Emma and Gill, Phoebe, Meghan, Clem, Toby and Joe for all their wonderful help.

All the best,
Julia & Angus

Julia and Angus,